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About the WFSICCM

Intent on promoting universal access to the highest standards of intensive care medicine, the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine – WFSICCM is connected to more than 80 scientific societies worldwide.
Along its 43 years of history, the institution amassed members from 75 countries, comprising more than 80 thousand professionals from all over the world, all committed with the common purpose of fostering international collaboration in intensive medicine to encourage improvements in a variety areas, including research, training and education, with subsequent impacts on patient care and outcomes.
The WFSICCM assumes that health issues, such as worldwide disease advancements, have no borders. In this scenario, the institution acknowledges its increasing responsibility over connecting the main stakeholders in worldwide intensive medicine towards building higher standards that will benefit everyone in need of this ever so important medical specialty.
Together with AMIB, the WFSICCM is proud to bring the World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine to Brazil this year, reinforcing its institutional objective of gathering the very best and most relevant breakthroughs in intensive medicine, to be shared with agents who will contribute for positive future changes in the sector, as the Institution has so fiercely fought for.

WFSICCM’s current board includes:

  • President: Jean-Louis Vincent (BEL)
  • General Secretary: John Marshall (CAN)
  • Treasurer: Janice Zimmerman (EUA)
  • Former President: Edgar Jimenez (EUA)
  • Board Members: Pravin Amin (IND); Guillermo Castorena (MEX); Bin Du (CHI); Younsuck Koh (COR); Sebastian Ugarte (CHI); Djillali Annane (FRA); Llius Blanch (ESP); Masaji Nishimura (JAP); Álvaro Réa-Neto (BRA); Arzu Topeli (TUR); John Myburgh (AUS); Paolo Pelosi (ITA).

About AMIB

Intent on promoting intensivists for 37 years, the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine, AMIB, has as its main institutional mission fostering research, education, graduation of intensive medicine professionals, as well as acting in their defense.
The institution now has 7 thousand members and 25 regional offices nationwide, and regularly promotes the country’s main projects on continuing education geared for ICU professionals, including congresses, symposia, course programs and specialty training. In addition to that, it is the only local AMB (Brazilian Medical Association) accredited entity to apply the test that will grant the title of specialist to Brazilian physicians and professional intensivists.
When it comes to their defense, AMIB is constantly seeking to improve working conditions on behalf of intensive medicine professionals, including efforts in training, quality of life, work processes, legislation, and other sector demands.

Held this year in Rio de Janeiro along with the Brazilian Congress of Intensive Medicine, the World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine is yet another accomplishment of AMIB’s attempts to further strengthen and promote the sector and its related professionals, whose work is crucial not only in Brazil but also worldwide.

The AMIB Board
Elected every two years, AMIB’s Board currently includes the following members:

  • President: Mirella Cristine de Oliveira (PR)
  • Vice-president: Paulo Ramos David João (PR)
  • General Secretary: Patricia Machado Veiga de Carvalho Mello (PI)
  • Treasurer: Marcos Antônio Cavalcanti Gallindo (PE)
  • AMIB Fund Director: Jorge Luiz dos Santos Valliatti (SP)
  • Future President: Ciro Leite Mendes (PB)
  • Former President: Fernando Suparregui Dias (RS)

Opening Ceremony:
11/07 - 7 p.m.
After, welcome cocktail

Closing Ceremony:
11/11 - 11:50 a.m.
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