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Special sessions will be held during the congress for the presentation of clinical cases of general interest in the area of intensive care medicine.  Only education centers accredited by AMIB, intensive care medicine residency programs accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture or intensive care medicine academic leagues affiliated to LIGAMI may submit cases for presentation.
The clinical case must be presented by a resident/ Medical Residency trainee, Education Center/League responsible for the submission.  The speaker will be granted free registration for the congress. In case the speaker has already registered, registration amounts will be reimbursed.
1. Deadlines for case report receipt   

1.1 The receipt deadline is 08/31/17 and is based on the date the electronic form is filled out and submitted. This deadline shall not be extended.         
Case report submission is not linked to congress registration.           

2. Case submission site

2.1 Cases shall be submitted online using the electronic form available at “CLINICAL CASE SUBMISSION”

2.2 After this process is concluded, the submission protocol shall be forwarded to the email provided at registration.    

3. Review committee  

3.1 Cases will be analyzed by the Scientific Committee of the 13th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine; XXII Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine and the 10 best abstracts will be selected.
3.2 Information on the approval or not of the abstract will be sent to the email address used for submission of the clinical case by 09/31/17.        

4. Clinical case reports           

4. 1 Cases must be submitted in PowerPoint format with at most 10 slides.  The following must be included in the presentation:

1. Patient data.
2. Summarized clinical history.           
3. Objective physical examination.      
4. Laboratory and imaging tests.        
5. Case progress.       
6. Final results of tests (if applicable) 
7. Final results of imaging tests (if applicable)
8. Outcomes   

5. Case Report Format           

After selection, the Review Committee will include questions to encourage discussion from the audience. The new presentation format will be returned to the authors for final adjustments.  The author shall have 10 days to discuss with the scientific committee and clarify any doubts about the suggested questions.

6. Presentation of selected cases       

6.1 Each case will have a total of 20 minutes, including 8 minutes for presentation and the remainder time for case discussion.
6.2 According to the rules established by the Scientific Committee, two questions may be added during the presentation to encourage discussion with the audience.;     
d. After each question and at the end, two debaters will give their opinion on the case;        
e. Discussion time shall not exceed 10 minutes.  In the final 2 minutes the speaker will wrap up, providing the final test and/or imaging results.   

7. Certificate   

7.1 The certificate shall include the name of speaker and education center.
7.2 If the case is not presented, the certificate will not be issued and submission of new cases will not be allowed for a period of 2 years.          

8. General Conditions 

8.1 Situations not anticipated in the rules herein above shall be solved
by the Scientific Committee of the 13th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine; XXII Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine.           



Opening Ceremony:
11/07 - 7 p.m.
After, welcome cocktail

Closing Ceremony:
11/11 - 11:50 a.m.
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